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 Yuka Harikai Drejer

Japanese Journalist & Translator in Denmark

Living in Denmark, a country ranked among the world's top in terms of "international competitiveness," "happiness," and "SDGs advancement," this individual is a cultural researcher of Denmark. They are also active as a writer, researcher, and translator. For over 13 years, they have been disseminating firsthand information about Denmark through various mediums such as the web, magazines, television, radio, and newspapers. They have written over 400 articles for more than 70 media outlets, made appearances on TV more than 10 times, and produced reports for over 300 corporate clients.

With a sociological approach, they observe society and access firsthand information in Danish to gather information, public opinion, and voices of citizens. They possess the strength to articulate trends and key points. They excel in analyzing the values underlying phenomena and collecting case studies by theme, introducing Danish cases that can provide insights for urban development and corporate product development in Japan. Their clients include major advertising agencies, manufacturers, and local governments. They specialize in features such as "The World's Happiest Country, Denmark" and "The Working Style of Danes, Number One in International Competitiveness," and also collaborate in producing platforms for SDGs overseas information for companies.

Expanding their activities as a speaker, they conduct lectures for employees of major companies, including Panasonic and Suntory, as well as events and classes for children, all receiving positive feedback. They have provided video footage, information, and appearances to various major television stations such as "Saturday Station," "TV Tackle by Beat Takeshi," and "Miyane-ya."

Recently, they have expanded their role as a communicator, working across fields such as film, architecture, art, education, and literature, supporting the production of content by creators who bring fresh perspectives to the era and engaging in PR activities.


Born in Koenji, Tokyo, in 1982. After graduating from the Second Literature Department of Waseda University, completed a master's degree in Denmark studies at the Graduate School of Social Sciences, Waseda University. Moved to Denmark at the end of 2009 and began disseminating information about Denmark. Lived in the capital, Copenhagen, for five years before settling in Roskilde, a suburb of Copenhagen, where currently resides with a Danish husband and two biracial children.

[TV Appearances]

TV Asahi: "Saturday Station" TV Asahi: "Beat Takeshi's TV Tackle" Yomiuri TV: "Miyane-ya" TV Tokyo: "World Business Satellite (WBS)" TBS: "THE TIME" Fuji TV: "Viking MORE" TV Asahi: "Shinichi Hatori Morning Show"

[Radio Appearances]

NHK: "Chikyū Radio" NHK: "Radio Shinyabin (Radio Midnight)" TBS: "Takahiro Inoue's Saturday 'A'" TOKYO FM: "Treasures Toward the Future" Radio NIKKEI: "SoMiRa"

[Lectures, Classes, Discussions]

  • Online open class on "SDGs in Denmark" for third graders at Arakawa Ward Otsuka Nishi Elementary School

  • Real lecture on "Working Methods of Denmark, the No. 1 in International Competitiveness" for Kansai Productivity Headquarters (held in Copenhagen)

  • TNC-sponsored "SDGs Voice & Eyes Release Commemorative Webinar: 'The Present State of SDGs Advanced Country Denmark'"

  • Suntory Terakoya: "SDGs Cases in the Nordic Danish Food and Beverage Industry"

  • Suntory Terakoya: "SDGs Cases in the Nordic Danish Food and Beverage Retail Industry"

  • Online class on "SDGs Cases in the Nordic Denmark" for fourth graders at Nakano Hongo Elementary School

  • TNC-sponsored event in collaboration with Ikumen Club NPO and cooperation from Asahi Student Newspaper Co., Ltd.: "Secrets of SDGs Learned from the Nordic Denmark"

  • Lecture for Panasonic sponsored by TNC on "Changes in Lifestyles Due to Corona"

  • Appearance on Harada Yosuke Marketing Research Institute's YouTube channel

  • "JAPAN DAY" at public elementary schools in Denmark


  • Hokuoh Kurashi (Nordic Living Goods Store)

  • Shukan Shincho, Daily Shincho


[Published Books]

  • "Why Danes Can Achieve Results Even if They Go Home at 4 PM" (PHP Business Shinsho, released on November 16, 2023)


[Collaborations in Book Production]

  • "365 LITTLE COZINESS: Warm Life in the Nordics" (Gakken)

  • "WORK MILL" (Forbes JAPAN)

  • "Rediscovering Nordic Education: Parenting and Learning for Well-being" (Akashi Shoten)

  • "New Lifestyle × Advanced Examples from 15 Countries Around the World: The Complete Guide to New Businesses After Corona" by Youhei Harada and Yoshio Koi (Discover Twenty-One)

  • "The Prayer of Department Q Assad" and "The Sin of Department Q Carl" by Jussi Adler-Olsen, translated by Naoko Yoshida (Hayakawa Shobo)


[Published Articles]

  • Over 400 articles across various media outlets


[Collaborations in Content Production]

  • Provided information, videos, photos, interpretation, and translation services for various programs and platforms


[PR Collaborations]

  • Lilla Turen / Nordic Inspiration Co., Ltd. for Nordic Education and Learning

  • Contemporary Opera "Shadow (Skyggen)" for the Japan-Denmark Diplomatic Relations 150th Anniversary Event


[Key Partners]

  • PHP Institute

  • TNC Co., Ltd.

  • Film Director Kaspar Astrup Schröder

  • Translator Mette Holm

  • Forbes JAPAN

  • Libel Multilingual Translation Co., Ltd.

  • Nordic Education Research Association


[Personal Media]





High level of national happiness, SDGs developed country, Gender equality, Women's independence, Easy environment to raise children, Work-life balance,

Flexicurity, a flexible and safe labor market, Top international competitiveness, Education that respects children, Active learning, Enactment of the world's first same-sex partnership law, A society where LGBTQ+ can live comfortably,

High welfare state A society that respects people with disabilities, Interest and trust in politics, Mature democracy,

High transparency, Liberal partnership, DIY culture, Survival skills, 

Second hand, Recycling-based society, Stylish Scandinavian design, Creativity, Energy policy, Lego,

Innovation, Highly digitalized society, High environmental awareness, World's best bicycle infrastructure, Focus on quality,

Organic-oriented people who love nature, Hygge, Volunteer spirit, Healthy elderly People, Open royal family


Delivering ideas, ideas, lifestyles, and values from Denmark

Example of purpose of use

  • Publication

  • Product development

  • Study

  • Government initiatives



Presentation and

Media appearances

Example of purpose of use

  • Seminar

  • Conference

  • ​Lecture

  • Lecture

  • TV appearance

  • ​Radio appearance



  • Book publishing

  • Writing for various media

  • Reports

  • Summarizing and translating Danish books and materials

  • Interpretation and translation of Danish mainly for media-related matters



Other consultations

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