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Featured on TBS TV “King’s Brunch”

On Saturday, March 9, 2024, TV TBS's ``King's Brunch'' aired ``Why Danes can achieve results even when they return home at 4 o'clock'', which was ranked number one in the book ranking.

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Flier Weekly Ranking #1

``Why Danes can achieve results even when they go home at 4 O'clock'' ranked #1 in the weekly rankings on the book summary site flier. (From February 18, 2024)

The monthly ranking for February 2024 is 2nd place.


Business Book Grandprix 2024 "Innovation" Ranking #3

8th printing has been decided in 2 and a half months since its release, and over 30,000 copies have been sold!
No. 1 weekly best-selling new book at Maruzen Marunouchi store

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